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Multipurpose Oils / UTTO

LUBECO™ Multifunctional Lubricants provide excellent lubricity and improved anti-corrosion & conservation properties. LUBECO™ UTTO range consists of different types of high-performance Universal Tractor Transmission Oils based on synthetic base oils.


LUBECO™ BIOSYNT 40V is a premium, fully synthetic, multi-purpose oil characterized by excellent lubricating, preservative, penetrating and moisture-displacing effects.

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LUBECO™ EcoUNI PLUS is a top-quality multi-purpose Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) based on cold-pressed rapeseed oil esters.

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LUBECO™ EcoUNI PREMIUM is a premium quality multi-purpose Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) based on full synthetic esters.

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Multipurpose Oils / UTTO

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LUBECO™ Multi-purpose lubricants are designed for general domestic and industrial use as well as specific technical applications such as lubrication of railway switch points & plates, toothed transmissions, hydraulic systems, wet brakes, etc. 

LUBECO™ Multifunctional Lubricants are readily biodegradable and create a safer and healthier environment.

LUBECO™ BIOSYNT 40V is also available in 400g aerosol can.

LUBECO™ EcoUNI PLUS and EcoUNI PREMIUM are high-performance UTTO - Universal Tractor Transmission Oils.

MPI Approved C15 Maintenance Compound (Non-Dairy).