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LUBECOTM EcoUNI PREMIUM is a premium quality multi-purpose tractor oil, which is produced from synthetic esters. Thanks to its well-balanced combination of additives EcoUNI PREMIUM offers increased lubrication capacity and extra abrasion protection.

EcoUNI PREMIUM provides improved anti-friction properties and texture, thus effectively protecting against corrosion even in a very humid environment and a broad range of temperatures. It surpasses the conventional lubricants for functional properties and stability in working conditions. EcoUNI PREMIUM is readily biodegradable for a reduced environmental footprint.


  • API GL-4, ISO VG 46 - 68, SAE 10W-30, ZF TE-ML 05E (issued by ZF Friedrichshafen AG)
  • JI CASE MS1204 / MS1205, JOHN DEERE J20C, MASSEY FERGUSON M1127/ M1135/ M1141
  • MPI Approved C15 Maintenance Compound (Non-Dairy)

Areas of Application

EcoUNI PREMIUM is a specifically designed synthetic lubricant for gear-type transmissions, hydraulic systems and wet brakes of mobile machines, particularly when working in environmentally sensitive areas. EcoUNI PREMIUM is completely degradable in the soil (with the aid of microorganisms), and therefore meets the most demanding requirements of tractor and mobile machinery manufacturers as well as environmental protection standards.

Characteristic Features

  • Improved lubrication performance;
  • Excellent anti-wear protection;
  • Superior friction performance for transmission clutches and gearboxes;
  • 5 times longer change interval;
  • Very good thermo-oxidation stability;
  • Excellent protection against rust and corrosion;
  • Extra EP and AW additives



Base Oil Synthetic oil
Kin. viscosity at 40 °C The viscosity of a fluid is a measure of its resistance to gradual deformation by shear stress or tensile stress. 56 cSt
Density at 15 °C 890-910 kg/m3
Kin. viscosity at 100 °C 10.6
Viscosity Index Viscosity Index (VI) is a measure of the change of viscosity with temperature. The higher the VI, the less is the viscosity affected by changes in temperature. >170
Flash Point >240 °C
Pour Point The pour point of a liquid is the temperature below which the liquid loses its flow characteristics. <-45 °C
Biodegradability in 21 days >60 %

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Pack Sizes

Pack Sizes 20l container20l container

Pack Sizes 205l drum205l drum

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