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EcoSEP - Release Agent

LUBECO™ EcoSEP is a readily biodegradable, non-stick release agent providing excellent anti-corrosion protection.

Areas of Application

EcoSEP is used for stripping of iron, plywood and wood boarding. It can also be used on pressed plastic materials, and for separation and transportation of asphalt mixtures. EcoSEP is highly suitable for separating acrylic model boards from concrete i.e. reinforced cement. It is also suitable for separating solidified kernels from cores. Thanks to its viscosity, EcoSEP can be applied by spraying under the pressure of 4-8 atm. For applications done by using a brush or paint roller the recommended thickness is from 12 to 15 g/1m2.

Characteristic Features

  • Excellent lubrication performance
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Improved rust and corrosion protection
  • Greater cold-exposure properties
  • Excellent thermal oxidation stability



Base Oil Refined rapeseed oil
Kin. viscosity at 40 °C The viscosity of a fluid is a measure of its resistance to gradual deformation by shear stress or tensile stress. 7-12 cSt
Density at 15 °C 916 kg/m3
Flash Point 200 °C
Pour Point The pour point of a liquid is the temperature below which the liquid loses its flow characteristics. -20 °C
Corrosion on steel negative
Biodegradability in 21 days >95 %

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Pack Sizes

Pack Sizes 205l drum205l drum

Pack Sizes 1000l IBC1000l IBC