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New corporate partnership with Timbersport athlete Matyas Klima

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership between Biona and Timbersport Matyas Klima. Bringing you an exclusive interview.

New corporate partnership with Timbersport athlete Matyas Klima

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you started with Timbersport?

My name is Matyáš Klíma, I am 24 years old and I live in a small village in the Highlands called Radenice.

I'm actually the second generation in my family, my father Leoš Klíma started it and passed on his experience to me.

2. What challenges do you face as an athlete in Timbersport and how do you overcome them?

Timbersport is a pretty physically demanding sport, but to be successful you have to learn the technique properly and study the details. That's what's hard about Timbersport. You have to make everything very complex and you have to have the right information.

I've been playing with my head a lot lately. I'm trying to set up some kind of racer mentality, which I think I'm getting. But it's a long run.

3. How do you train for Timbersport events and what does your training regime look like?

With the season being roughly 9 months long, the preparation varies quite a bit. Even what race I'm preparing for at any given time is very specific. But if I have to describe it globally, I train roughly 4-5 times a week just for Timbersport and add in the gym, running, etc. Plus I fly overseas every year to keep pushing myself.

4. What do you think makes Timbersport such an exciting and unique sport?

What I personally like about Timbersport is that it really has a history. That we are basically going back to hand tools that were used hundreds of years ago. It's a really unusual spectacle for spectators and it's also quite an extreme sport.

5. Can you give us an overview of the different disciplines within Timbersport and which is your favourite?

There are many disciplines in timber sport and they are combined in different ways at competitions, but I will try to describe the five most basic ones.

1. Hot Saw - Each competitor has their own specially modified chainsaw. The only restriction on its manufacture is that it must be a two-stroke. With this large chainsaw, you have to cut 3 blades in the shortest time possible and you have to fit into a 15cm wide space.

2. Single Buck - The competitor must cut one blade in the shortest time possible with a hand-held single-man saw.

3. Underhand Chop - The competitor stands on a log where he has cut his footing and must cut the log in half in the shortest time possible using only an axe.

4. Standing Block Chop - The competitor has a block in front of him/her and must cut it in half in the shortest possible time using an axe.

5. Springboard - The competitor first cuts a pocket in the pole, inserts a steel-tipped board into the pocket, and chops another pocket from this board. After he climbs the second plank, he has to cut a log 2.5 meters high.

6. How do you balance the physical demands of Timbersport with other aspects of your life, such as work or family?

Professionally, I work quite hard, so it actually helps. Basically, all my free time is devoted to Timbersport. Luckily I have a great wife at home who supports me and experiences these things with me.

7. What advice would you give to someone interested in a career in Timbersports?

To choose the right coach and consult with them. And definitely to be patient.

8. How does it feel to be sponsored by Biona and how do you think this partnership will benefit both parties?

I am very grateful for this collaboration. I think we will move forward together in the future. Timbersport is a sport related to wood and forestry, which is definitely one of the target groups for Biona. For me as a racer, this collaboration is very interesting because there is the possibility to develop a new product that can help me to better results and performance in racing itself.

9. What are your goals for the future in terms of your career in Timbersport?

Actually, I have already achieved quite a few goals. But I definitely want to be on par with the best overseas in the long run, where the races are the most prestigious. It would also be nice to make a living in Timbersport as a professional.

10. What message would you like to send to your fans and supporters?

Thank you so much to everyone who supports me and cheers me on, actually it's because of the fans that I can have the sponsors I have because without popularity I couldn't do it.

I definitely have a lot of important races ahead of me and I hope to see you there together.